Sabrina Fink

Consulting, Project Management

Sabrina Fink, Beratung, Projektleitung

Sabrina Fink is a brand consultant and project manager with a strong focus on brand strategy. After an education in industrial management, Sabrina graduated from Hochschule für Medien HDM in Stuttgart with a bachelor degree in advertising and marketing communication with top marks, her thesis being nominated for an Etzold award. She then travelled to South Korea, worked as a film producer and as an online-marketeer at a specialized agency in Germany. In Switzerland, she became a strategy consultant serving various Swiss clients in marketing strategy, branding, online campaigning and SEO. In 2022, Sabrina joined Scholtysik as a brand consultant.

Selected Accounts
AXA, Visana, Swiss Bar Association, Justitia4.0, Pflegehilfe Schweiz, Climeworks, TimberMan, Infors-HT, FitMarket, Les Belles, Printzessin, McOptic, Mogli eWallet, Das Augenzentrum, Stuttgart Airport, Expedia, Griesson – de Beukelaer, Gilgen Door Systems, Kärcher, Bosch Grow, Festool.