Transformation is accelerating everywhere. Branding cycles are ever shorter. There are big trends slowly shifting society and short-lived hypes that go nowhere. We help you identify the relevant changes, spot the risks and take advantage of opportunities that arise for your brand.

Our services


We strive to understand the goals of your organisation. We listen closely and ask a lot of questions. We analyze without bias from a neutral position. That is the foundation on which we build your brand strategy: together we define the ideal position in the market, devise a logical brand architecture and identify the bright idea behind your brand that makes it relevant and unique. We articulate that idea as brand promise, brand personality and brand essence. We call it also the brand DNA.

•  Research & Analysis
•  Positioning
•  Brand Architecture / Brand Portfolio
•  Brand DNA
•  Intellectual Property
•  KPIs and Monitoring


The brand DNA is expressed through words and design – content-wise, visually, acoustically and physically. We develop robust design systems that adapt with ease and create recognition even when implemented inadequately.

•  Name
•  Logo & Corporate Design
•  Motion & Sound Design
•  Digital Experience Design
•  POS & Print Design
•  Language style & Tone of voice
•  Brand Story


We implement your brand identity consistently. We design touchpoints that are characteristic for your brand and we tell the story of your brand in an enticing way, suitable to each audience and channel. We also coach and guide employees and third-party service providers. We help you control and continuously enhance the brand experience. Because the world keeps turning.

•  User Research & User Journeys
•  Websites/App UX and User Interfaces
•  Brand Content
•  Touchpoint Design
•  Print Media, Product Literature
•  Sponsorships
•  Internal Implementation
•  Coaching & Guidelines
•  Service Provider Evaluation



We seek substantial results in short time in a structured and methodical way. We use brand models as a means to an end, not as an end in itself. Market research provides information and verification of assumptions but never dictates us our decisions. We can adapt our processes and project management to your needs and most of our services are modular and scalable.


You will find in us a critical but also loyal partner. To achieve your goals, we often take your client’s standpoint. Sometimes that leads to unexpected and better solutions than previously imagined. We speak our mind and hope you will do so, too. That honest type of partnership has proven to be more productive, more creative and more successful at the bottom line.