16. October 2015

Curating the Gottardo 2016 exhibition

SBB Ausstellung Gottardo 2016 Tunnelquerschnitt

Eight months before opening the world’s longest railway tunnel – the Gotthard Basis Tunnel – the multimedia exhibition “Gottardo 2015” goes on tour.

Scholtysik & Partner curated the interactive exhibition to highlight the historic dimensions of the Gotthard Basis Tunnel as well as to give an outlook on future mobility. Aroma was responsible for scenographic concept and building.

The five interactive modules of “Gottardo 2016” give insights in the historical, economical and technical dimensions of the new Gotthard tunnel. The exhibition is equally informative and entertaining to make people grasp the scale and significance of this national achievement. “Gottardo 2016” gives the basic facts, visualizes engineering solutions to various technical challenges and stimulates imagination regarding the tunnel’s benefits to our individual m

True-to-live ring segment of 9.50 meters in diameter

A true-to-live ring segment gives an impression of the physical dimension and is a great eye-catcher. It is also a strong favorite with the youngest visitors who try to climb it as far up as they can. In accordance with its topic, “Gottardo 2016” is a travelling exhibition. Starting at Zurich main station it will move on to Visp, Zug, Geneva, Bern, St. Gallen, Biel, Basel and Lucerne. Additional stops are planned.

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Gottardo 2016

«Gottardo 2016» is a cooperation of  the Swiss Federal Office of Transport, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and AlpTransit Gotthard for all communication purposes regarding the Gotthard Basis Tunnel. The ultimate culmination of all activities is going to be the grand opening of the tunnel with an official ceremony by representatives of the Swiss government and guests of state plus a huge public fair for the Swiss people. The public event will take place at both ends of the tunnel and will feature the very first public hi-speed-passages with the Gotthard Shuttle at 130 mph. Up to 100 000 visitors are expected for the «Gottardo 2016» opening.