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Understatement and simplicity

ADB Altorfer Duss & Beilstein is one of the oldest tax consulting firms in Switzerland. Since 1954, the Zurich-based firm has been providing domestic and foreign companies and individuals with comprehensive advice on Swiss and international tax law. In the Bilanz ranking of tax consulting firms, ADB ranks first in its category. 

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Contemporary, but not zeitgeisty

Digital transformation affects almost all industries and law firms need to adapt to their clients’ focus. Or rather be a step ahead. In regard to design, this means leaving behind the well-trodden path of heritage veneration and embracing more contemporary aesthetics. We support ADB to take this step in an assured and confident manner. The new brand identity avoids all zeitgeisty antics to express the true character of the firm.

ADB business cards

“With an uncompromisingly clear and reduced corporate design, the firm underscores its top position in the industry.”

Lukas Staudenmann, Partner, Scholtysik

ADB stationery, notebook
ADB stationery
ADB stationery, notepad

Exclusive by understatement

Three factors contribute to the ADB look and feel: digitally driven and simple design, absence of colourful decoration, and the minimalist picture concept highlighting ordinary details and turning them into formal compositions of a highly aesthetic quality. The well-known Swiss photographer Samuel Schalch was commissioned with the production of the image pool.

ADB image concept
ADB image concept
ADB image concept
ADB image concept

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Bilder: Scholtysik, Samuel Schalch