Berner Generationen Haus, design of various posters

Berner Generationenhaus

The stage is yours

Berner Generationenhaus positions itself as a competence center for generational issues. Situated in the historical Berner Bürgerspital next to Bern central station, it offers a wide range of information and advisory services, a care center for the elderly and a day care for small children. All under one roof.

Together with its new visual identity, the Berner Generationenhaus launches annual spotlight topics with multiple events and an exhibition on its beautiful premises.

Logo Berner Generationen Haus on white background

Variety and coherence

The simple design idea of frame and stage allows for an individual expression of each event or topic “on stage” and at the same time guarantees strong recognition through the distinctive frame.

 Berner Generationen Haus, design of an event poster for the summer festival
Berner Generationen Haus, magazine cover design
Berner Generationen Haus, overview of various program flyers

Very simple and yet typical.

Berner Generationen Haus,  Summer Festival 2019 cover layout
Berner Generationen Haus, design poster for Jeudredi summer season 2019
Berner Generationen Haus,  design fabric bag


On stationery, the frame game comes to life through the characteristic palette of light colours.

Berner Generationen Haus, business card design
Berner Generationen Haus stationery design

Print publications

The layout becomes more varied and yet the stage concept ist still visible. The modern serif typeface combines bold impact with sophisticated details.

Berner Generationen Haus, layout brochure covers
Berner Generationen Haus, layout brochure double page
Berner Generationen Haus, layout brochure double page
Berner Generationen Haus, layout brochure double page
Berner Generationen Haus, brochure double page layout


A more flexible interpretation of the stage ensures recognition while the various topics and events appear side by side. The website was realized in close cooperation with “Gridonic”.

Berner Generationen Haus Design Webseite Desktop
Berner Generationen Haus design mobile website on smartphone screen

A deliberate, appealing and high-performing brand identity is ever more important for the success of non-profit-organisations.

Lukas Staudenmann


Our work for the new visual identity of Berner Generationenhaus has been awarded by the international Corporate Design Preis jury in Germany.

Logo Corporate Design Preis


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