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Strategic brand management

We support the SBB Brand Management as lead agency for brand strategy and corporate identity. This includes ongoing maintenance as well as long-term strategic development of the SBB brand identity.

A national icon

SBB is one of Switzerland’s best loved and most valuable brands. Brand awareness is close to 100 %. SBB stands for reliability, punctuality and convenience. It is the backbone of national public transport and a precondition for a prosperous economy. Every day, SBB transport 1.3 million passengers and 200’000 tons of goods. Across Switzerland and Europe. SBB is also a major real estate manager providing both affordable housing and high-end office space at top locations. Some 32’000 people work at SBB making it one of the largest employers in the country.

A sense of belonging

The most important public transport company is closely watched by federal authorities, policy makers and the Swiss people. Transparent communication and a clear profile are paramount. SBB has got to convey its achievements, attitude and culture as well as its positions regarding political, social and economic discussions in the area of transport. When the company does this with the utmost clarity and accuracy it gives a sense of familiarity and security. And ultimately a sense of belonging and trust.

One corporate brand

Whatever SBB is providing, it is done in the name of SBB. Every service from public transport to cargo to infrastructure or real estate is provided under the corporate brands SBB and SBB Cargo. Any exceptions, such as joint ventures or regional heritage brands, must be approved by the executive board.


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