Branding a non-profit organization

Palliativzentrum Logo und Farben

A private initiative is committed to make a difference in the healthcare sector of Northwestern Switzerland and pursues an ambitious goal: the planning and realization of a palliative center for all generations, especially for children and adolescents. An engaging and professional appearance helped to convince well-known and influential organizations to support the initiative. Scholtysik & Partner supported the Swiss pioneer project right from the beginning.

The association “Mehr Leben” (more life) was founded in December 2017. Derived from a statement by the founder of modern palliative care, Cicely Saunders (“more life for the last days”), the association was able to gain broad support for the project in a very short time: Amongst them, professionals from healthcare and science, politicians from right to left, church representatives and above all, important Basel institutions such as Regio Basiliensis and the influential Christoph Merian Foundation.

«Non-profit organizations are just as concerned to gain attention and trust as commercial companies.»

Fabian Sander, Partner

From early on, the association was looking for professional support to advance their cause. With the help of experts from the healthcare sector, a realistic and workable business plan was developed. For their appearance, the association turned to Scholtysik & Partner. The task: Design and communication need to raise awareness and attract potential supporters for the project.

«Good intentions are not sufficient nowadays. Non-profit organizations are just as concerned to gain attention and trust as commercial companies.» says Fabian Sander, co-founder of Scholtysik & Partner. «The more ambitious the goals, the more potential funders or ambassadors want to know whether the organization appears credible and able to actually achieve their goals. The budgets are limited of course, but even a minimum of professional branding and design does make a difference.»