22. October 2020

Launch of the ETH AI Center

Logo ETH AI Center

ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, launched its interdisciplinary competence center for artificial intelligence. The ETH AI Center brings together AI researchers from science and industry including a wide range of disciplines such as computer science, health care, robotics or environmental science. Scholtysik supports the ETH AI Center in branding and design.

The ETH AI Center is pioneering trustworthy, widely accessible and inclusive AI systems for the benefit of society. Professor Andreas Krause, Chairman of the center, puts it like this: “Reliability and interpretability are essential to AI research. These aspects relate to highly relevant questions about the social impact and ethics of AI.”

Executive Director Alexander Ilic highlights the economic and social relevance of the ETH AI Center: “Technological advances will change our society.  It is up to us to steer and to design this transformation according to our values.”

The center brings together AI researchers from all disciplines and departments of ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Starting with the participation of 29 professorships, its own premises and new fellowship programmes, the center will reinforce ETH’s strong position in researching this key technology. The center will collaborate with the best AI research institutions across Europe and beyond to accelerate progress, support start-​ups and industry collaborations, and to foster the next generation of AI researchers, transformational leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The Logo visualizes various aspects of the new ETH AI Center: Overlapping circles convey the center’s interdisciplinary character while the dynamic modulation of sizes visualizes the intended growth. Experts recognize also the visual hint to layers of neuronal networks – a key component of AI systems. The main association for everyone will be the overall shape of the human brain. It’s a symbol of intelligence and confirms that AI is a human-centered science.

Typeface and colors are fully compatible with the ETH corporate design and are well suited for co-branding situations where logos of both ETH and the ETH AI Center will appear together. Another advantage is the possibility to use standard ETH templates.

Website ETH AI Center