26. September 2019

Repositioning the maxon brand globally

maxon Signaletik: Aussenbeschriftung beleuchtet

Transforming a global industry leader: Scholtysik helps maxon reposition its brand by realigning the brand strategy, redesigning the brand identity and implementing across its markets globally.

For more than 50 years, maxon develops high-quality drive systems. Even NASA counts on the precision and reliability of maxon drives for its Mars Mission. With a sales volume surpassing half a billion Swiss francs, maxon group is a global industry leader in this highly specialized segment.

From “maxon motor” to just “maxon”

Developing and producing precise and efficient drives and gears is and will remain a core business of maxon. In the long term however, maxon is being transformed into a provider of more complex and integrated drive systems. Thus, the brand name is shortened to maxon.

To meet the strategic goals, Scholtysik first redefined the brand DNA and consolidated the brand portfolio. Following the “One company, one brand” direction, we unified the multiple and diverse brand identities of regional subsidiaries and production sites under the maxon brand.

Reduced to the essentials.
The five most important markets: aerospace, transportation, medical, robotics, automation.

Puristic Swiss design

The Swiss high-quality approach of maxon translates directly to the brand design: reduction to the essentials, minimalist typography, simple color palette, clear layout. Imagery demonstrates the precision and resolve that is typical for maxon. The new visual identity covers all digital and physical applications such as online channels, various printed matter, trade shows, events or signage.

Minimalist design, no frills needed

Implementing globally

Scholtysik documented all brand elements and assets on a dedicated online platform where users find easy-to-follow guidelines and direct access to files and templates. Management and workforce have been trained in advance of the public launch of the renewed brand.

Michel Riedmann, Head of Brand & Digital Marketing at maxon, summarized the project like this: “We profited greatly from the vast experience of Scholtysik in strategic positioning and implementation of Swiss global brands. And we were particularly fond of their ability to deliver on client ideas in a very agile and pragmatic fashion.”


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