04. February 2020

Swiss Farmers choose Scholtysik

Scholtysik wins pitch to review the strategy and sharpen the profile of the "Swiss Farmers" brand. The brand had been launched two years ago by the Swiss Farmerʼs Union. The image of Swiss farmers is closely linked to important issues such as ecological sustainability, digital transformation and reconciliation of work and family life.

Swiss farmers enjoy great sympathies across the country. At the same time, the urban majority knows less and less about farming, preserving idyllic images from pre-industrial times in their minds. Family businesses constitute the backbone of farming but they have difficulties to find successors. Swiss consumers spend historically little on food but demand high levels of environmental protection and animal welfare.

In the midst of these conflicting expectations, the “Swiss Farmers” brand has got to spread word about the various services of farmers and the quality of their produce. To achieve this, Scholtysik is commissioned with quantitative and qualitative research, target group analysis, message refining, and reviewing both the brand portfolio and design parameters. Scholtysik came out on top after a multi-stage evaluation process of various Swiss branding agencies.