01. November 2018

Unique image concept for Zurich based law firm through Google maps and drone pictures

Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte Drohnenfotografie

Image worlds of law firms are commonly similar: Imposing facades and seriously dressed men and women. For Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte, we developed a different imagery: With Google Maps, we conducted a research on existing image compositions in Zurich in order to capture them perfectly using a drone.

The sharp view from above is fascinating. It reflects the entrepreneurial foresight as well as the analytical clarity and the regional anchoring of the Zurich based commercial law firm. The designer and the photographer ensured an uncompromising realization of high artistic quality.

Location scouting with Google Maps

An area of over 90 square kilometers marks the beginning of the «Zurich Birdview» concept. In a search of several days on the satellite images of Google Maps, the design team of Scholtysik & Partner and photographer Daniel Hager identify a total of twelve perfect locations. Hager realizes the drone shots mainly in the early morning hours. The image material thus obtained becomes the nucleus of Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte’s new brand identity and differentiates itself powerfully and yet subtly from their competition.

Zurich as a sequence of man-made structures
Zurich as a sequence of man-made structures
Beauty hidden in the cityscapes
Beauty hidden in the cityscapes
Order and freedom

Design as a competitive advantage

According to Lukas Staudenmann, co-owner and client manager at Scholtysik & Partner, many law firms, especially the large international law firms, have recognized the value of a consistent brand. Nevertheless, Staudenmann continues, the awareness of differentiating design is remarkably less pronounced. The agency was able to show the law firm that this is an opportunity and that Thouvenin Rechtsanwälte can successfully differentiate itself in the narrow and narrowly differentiated market.

Generous use of images on the website
Webdesign for all devices

Redesign von thouvenin.com

Redesign of thouvenin.com

The website redesign by Scholtysik & Partner is based on existing content. It continues with established CD elements such as color tiles, but places them in a more contemporary context. The «Zurich Birdview» motifs are the dominant design feature and run through the otherwise simple and clear website as a common thread.


Diagonal versus orthogonal