Bürgerspital Basel

Transforming into a modern social enterprise

The Bürgerspital Basel was first mentioned in 1265. In the 750 years since then, BSB changed again and again in line with the changing needs of society. Today, Bürgerspital Basel is no longer a hospital, but the region’s largest provider of care for the elderly, as well as for the integration of people with disabilities.

The new, yet familiar, brand name “BSB” avoids the misleading hospital association and shifts the focus to the wide range of services offered in the areas of care, housing and integration. With its new image, BSB presents itself as a contemporary social enterprise.

BSB Logo
BSB overview of various print media

Differentiated brand portfolio

BSB’s portfolio is enormously diverse: In the rapidly growing market for serviced housing for the elderly, BSB is a major player with over 200 apartments and co-living studios. For older people with higher care needs, BSB operates five care centres with different specialisations. As a market leader in integration and professional training of people with disabilities, BSB offers various types of assisted accommodation and runs numerous businesses ranging from streetwear stores to gourmet gastronomy and steel construction. In total, almost 20 homes, each with its own character and care concept, and more than 20 businesses cater to very different needs.

With a differentiated brand portfolio consisting of the umbrella brand, various service brands, multiple location brands and some independent single brands, BSB can address its highly diverse target groups individually and appropriately.

In addition, BSB is opportunistically co-branding with its owner, the civic community of Basel (Bürgergemeinde der Stadt Basel) — whenever it reinforces the strength and credibility of the sender.

BSB price tags for products from the BSB Kreativwerkstatt
BSB packaging design, document tube
Layout of BSB product description flyer

Uncomplicated and accessible

The fresh, generous design and uncomplicated, direct approach show BSB as an agile and hands-on service provider. Large fonts, strong contrasts, meaningful images and clear layouts make BSB approachable and tangible even for physically or mentally impaired stakeholders.

Layout of BSB magazine cover Horizont

At BSB, the focus is on the individual, on each and every person with his or her own personal wishes and interests.

Layout of BSB magazine double page

Increase presence

The BSB is active at almost 30 locations in the city and region of Basel. The clear labelling of the various operational and administrative buildings, care centres, residential buildings, and also the consistent marking of the entire vehicle fleet made the brand more visible throughout the region.

BSB outdoor signage at the main entrance

“The new logo embodies our commitment to transforming into a contemporary social enterprise.”

Beat Ammann, CEO of BSB

BSB pylon outdoor signage

Clearly structured and tailored to the target group

With the new website, BSB aims to give the Basel public an overview of the entire company, but also provide the highly diverse user groups with quick and direct access to the respective specific offerings.

The information architecture solves this task with individual, user-oriented access points and independent, market-oriented websites for the service brands. The structure and content are developed in close cooperation with specialists from all departments of BSB and are based on in-depth surveys of the various user groups: from the very elderly, the disabled and their relatives, to supply chain managers from various industries, to specialists from the disability insurance office or social and judicial authorities.

Design of the BSB website on mobile screens
Design BSB website desktop

Brand launch signals a change process

The launch heavily involved employees and reached them in many different ways: starter kits, video messages, a brand film, an online platform, brand posters, giveaways and a magazine. Internally, this sent a clear message that the BSB is moving, developing and wants to be a leading player in each targeted market.

BSB corporate design brand poster

Authentic images

BSB shows credible images with reportage character — versatile and varied as the company itself. This results in interesting compositions that tell individual stories and convey closeness, but also illustrate the diversity and strength of BSB at the same time.

Man with dog on his arm

With an eye for detail and a view of the big picture

Bicycles on the Rhine bank
Young woman with book and notebook sitting on bed
Residential building facade with green balconies
Sofa with colorful pillows


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