Freitag Store Zurich Bags


«From truck till bag» – made in Zurich

FREITAG bags made from used truck tarps, seatbelts and bike tubes, are long legendary and even exhibited as design icon at the MOMA in New York. The Freitag brothers have turned their name into their brand.

Markus & Daniel Freitag, Freitag Brothers, founder
Freitag bags in yellow
Freitag Tower Zurich
© Roland Tännler

Spring board for expansion

What is the essence of FREITAG? To develop and expand the brand globally, we first had to identify the DNA of the brand. In close collaboration with Markus und Daniel Freitag we developed the brand positioning, brand communication and brand design.

On this foundation, FREITAG started expanding the brand. First geographically with more than 20 FREITAG stores, over 400 sales partners and the FREITAG online store. Then by extending the product range: from accessories to clothing for both women and men using a FREITAG-invented compostable fabric. They could do this successfully because they always knew what FREITAG truly is about. They stayed true to the brand and never jeopardized the brand’s credibility.

Freitag Store Zurich
Markus & Daniel Freitag, Freitag Brothers, founder
View from the window in the Freitag Store Zurich
© Roland Tännler

We developed a design system that projects the spirit and the style of the Freitag brothers’ creations and at the the same time is easily reproduced around the world and immediately recognized by urban shoppers from Berlin to Bangkok.

Condensed in a simple guide, both the brand DNA and the brand design lead to an effective global brand management. For the first time the FREITAG brand was consistently maintained without the two founders personally attending to every detail. Thus, the brand became as sustainable as the FREITAG bags and clothes.

Freitag stationery

We turned the characteristic black label of the bags into the universal logo.

Design Freitag business card
Design and layout Freitag folding poster


Brand strategy | Positioning | Brand design | Brand identity guidelines | Creation of various key media

Photography: Roland Tännler, FREITAG, Scholtysik & Partner