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Ilg Santer Architects

«ISA» are radical architects

Ilg Santer Architekten (ISA) are radical architects who always want to get to the bottom of a problem. With great playfulness and a certain inclination for disruption, they often leave the well-trodden path and rediscover a long forgotten one.

ISA just want to play

Their series of top rankings at several competitions, and especially the soon to be completed Biozentrum in Basel, demand respect. In return, the ISA logo is all the more playful. It refers to the attitude of the founders and is far from the typical stiff demeanour of most architecture firms.

Ilg Santer approach a task in a very investigative way. They are curious, unbiased, and of great empathy. Sharp analysis and intuitive synthesis then lead to solutions that are both thoughtful and dashing.

design ISA Ilg Santer Architekten homepage

ISA think before they start to draw. In and out of the box.

Ilg Santer Architekten ISA Homepage on smartphone
ISA Ilg Santer Architekten external perspective on building
Ilg Santer Architekten architectural model competiotion Museum Vienna pyramid

Spirited design to mirror the ISA attitude

The logo takes up their approach by consciously playing (or breaking) with typographical conventions. The website’s information architecture is refreshingly simple. Its playful, alluring and sometimes impish style turns it into an entertaining and inspiring experience. This required a clever picture concept and a highly flexible layout to set the ISA play in motion.

ISA Ilg Santer Architekten design exhibition wall posters

«A solitaire on Karlsplatz that fits in respectfully and creates a surprising and unique experience.»

Praise of the Vienna Jury

ISA Ilg Santer Architekten layout poster with floor plans on exhibition wall


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