Living room with Intertime sofa, salon table, bookcase and rocking horse


Pure Sitting

Over 50 years ago, Intertime started producing particularly comfortable seating furniture. That pleased back, legs, and behind, but not necessarily the eye. Their image was respectable but also a little boring. When the founders handed over to the next generation, the young immediately set out to overcome the old opposition of comfort and beauty. Their mission was to modernize the Swiss quality label, but without losing the perfect ergonomics.

Black Intertime logo on white background

Perfect ergonomics and timeless aesthetics

Intertime strives for sophisticated and timeless design. The product range is constantly expanded by renowned industrial designers and architects. Logically, the brand design is overhauled and rejuvenated as well.

Intertime, User Interface of the Desktop Homepage

«At Intertime, design is the visual manifestation of product quality. It is essential.»

Johannes Weibel

Intertime, mobile website on smartphone screen

Variability and ergonomics

Intertime furniture offers a variety of intelligent comfort functions that enable ergonomically optimum positions when sitting and lying. To meet individual seating needs, Intertime’s models can also be adapted – in height and depth as well as in the choice of upholstery material.

This is an integral part of the Intertime brand experience. Showrooms, exhibition stands, website, product literature and pattern books all contribute to this experience. They inform about the product but also convey the great variability, Swiss quality and high aesthetic value.

Intertime, layout of brochure cover
Intertime, layout of a double page in a brochure
Intertime, layout of a double page in a brochure
Intertime, layout of a double page in a brochure
Intertime, stationery with document folder and letterhead
Intertime, business card layout
Intertime, stationery

Mission accomplished

The rejuvenation of the Intertime brand has been successful. The manufacturer’s striving for perfect seating can be felt everywhere: in their attitude, products, communication and design. It is all about “pure sitting”.

Intertime, black notebook giveaway
Intertime, short manual on corporate design in fan format


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