air-lux, interior with window front


Design freedom with system support.

air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling glass façade system with large-surface sliding windows and a unique sealing concept. air-lux offers architects, façade planners and home-builders a versatile window façade system that is as architecturally and aesthetically appealing as it is structurally sound.

air-lux, building facade

An open window to the brand

The look and feel is wide and generous – hinting to the type of architecture that air-lux made possible. The website smoothly combines information with inspiration to make it attractive and easily digestible for very different target audiences.

air-lux, homepage

Logo, web design and imagery are inviting, calm, generous and wide open – just like the product.

air-lux, mobile website on smartphone screen


The new brand design positions air-lux firmly in the high-end section of the market. Its great clarity is catering to architects and builders alike.

air-lux, brochures
air-lux, layout of the brochure cover
air-lux, layout of a brochure double page
air-lux, layout of a brochure double page
air-lux, layout of a brochure double page

Totally committed

Uncompromising quality not only in building but also in communicating – right down to day-to-day correspondence: pure black-and-white and high-contrast design exemplify the brand’s attitude.

air-lux, stationery
air-lux, black envelope

Feel it

air-lux achieves great aesthetic quality without loss of technical performance. Part of the magic are unique combinations of different materials. This sensual experience is reflected in sophisticated mailings using beautiful materials such as different types of wood.

air-lux, Mikado
air-lux, Mikado sticks
air-lux, Mikado sticks


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