Swiss Digital Days 2020

Design by Code

Swiss Digital Days aim to raise awareness and inspire behavioural change regarding the opportunities and risks of digital transformation in Switzerland. In any democracy, the people should form their own opinion on how to guide and shape this transformation. That is why this year’s motto of the Digital Days is a question: What future do we want?
In line with this inspirational attitude, we created a visual identity based on the creativity of an algorithm. The code-generated animation is a creative interpretation of statistical data regarding the frequency and intensity of internet usage in Switzerland since the first Swiss Digital Day in 2017. Based on this animation we designed the whole event identity including the online platform, broadcasting elements, studio design and physical signage for the locations in all parts of the country.

Swiss digital days 2020, keyvisual, What future do we want?

The clean and simple logotype of Swiss Digital Days is the starting point. From this we design corresponding logos for various formats. They should be similar yet easily discernible. These logos are required for all formats that might be run independently from Digital Days in the future. The common endorsement of Digitalswitzerland creates the umbrella for all activities designed to encourage and nourish public dialogue.

This endorsement creates a natural distinction between the organizer Digitalswitzerland and the roughly 100 partners from business, academy and public institutions who support Digital Days and appear in co-branding. The seven main partners are APG|SGA, Google, Ringier, SBB, Scholtysik, SRG SSR und Swisscom.

Swiss digital days 2020, brand architecture

Event platform

For the first time, Digital Days take place in hybrid form both online with live broadcasting and physically at over 20 locations. The especially designed online platform becomes the centre piece of Swiss Digital Days 2020.

Der Entscheid dazu fällt vor dem Hintergrund der Corona-Pandemie fünf Monate vor dem Event. Recherchen nach bestehenden Online-Lösungen für Massen-Live-Events mit unterschiedlichen Formaten ergeben keine befriedigenden Resultate.

Innerhalb weniger Wochen entwickelt unser UX-Team in enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Umsetzungspartnern eine Streaming- und Interaktionsplattform. Diese erfüllt die vielfältigen Anforderungen der verschiedenen Eventformate, wie beispielsweise Learning Labs, Demos, Talks oder Startup Battles, und entsprechend unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse des Publikums: Information, Austausch, Diskussion, Lernen oder Unterhaltung. Noch in der unmittelbaren Pre-Event-Phase validiert Scholtysik Nutzerbedürfnisse laufend und arbeitet neues User-Feedback in die Plattform ein.

Swiss Digital Days 2020, website live phase
Swiss Digital Days 2020, pre-event phase website
Swiss Digital Days 2020, mobile website on smartphone screens


80,000 visitors took part in the Swiss Digital Days 2020 - online and offline. The platform provided entertainment, learning impulses and the exchange of knowledge. The varied online program was actively used by over 55,000 people to deepen their knowledge of digitization and to clarify the question: “What future do we want?”. The Swiss Digital Days 2020 were a great success at home and abroad. The platform is considered the new European benchmark for hybrid events.

TV Opener

More than 100 sessions are streamed live during Digital Days. A series of short openers all start with the key visual but introduce the different formats with individual and powerful type animations and sound adapted to the character of the format.

At more than 20 locations across Switzerland the key visual generates both recognition and inclusion of individual priority topics into the greater context of the national event. Local Digital Days events take place in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Biel, Brig, Geneva, Grenchen, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Lugano, Martigny, Neuchâtel, Olten, Sierre, Sion, Solothurn, St Gallen, St Moritz, Vaduz, Winterthur, Yverdon, Zermatt und Zurich.

Swiss Digital Days 2020, banner in arcade
Swiss Digital Days 2020, badge on lanyard

«Thanks to Scholtysik we were able to digitalize Swiss Digital Days both in short time and in style.»

Diana Engetschwiler, Head Public Dialogue, Digitalswitzerland

Swiss Digital Days 2020, programme banner


Motto | Key visual | Format naming | UX concept for online event-plattform | Supervising web design | Co-branding standards | TV opener | Signage elements for locations | Various collateral