maxon Mars landscape with Mars Rover


Transforming a global market leader

For more than 50 years maxon produces high-precision micro-drives. They can be found in insulin pumps, surgical devices, humanoid robots or high-precision industrial facilities. In tattoo guns, airplanes, cameras, racing cars or cardiac pumps. Last but not least, maxon drives are repeatedly selected by NASA’s Mars exploration program for their ultimate precision and reliability.

Red maxon logo on white background

“maxon motor” becomes “maxon”

In 2019, maxon took a major step forward to globally reinvent their brand. While development and production of electric precision drives remained a core business maxon started to expand its offering to integrated drive systems. Consequentially, the brand name was shortened to maxon.

maxon robot with gripper arm

“Apart from their vast branding expertise, we were drawn by Scholtysik’s ability and willingness to support us in a very purpose-driven and agile manner.”

Michel Riedmann, Head of Brand & Digital Marketing at maxon

maxon, woman doing gait training with gait robot
maxon motors in the aircraft cockpit
maxon, abdomen mounted insulin pump
maxon motor production
maxon employees in the clean room

Implementing worldwide

First we turned the strategic ambitions and directives into a future-proof brand positioning. Then we carefully consolidated the brand portfolio. On this foundation we built the new brand design and helped maxon implement the new brand identity worldwide across its many markets and facilities. We regularly partnered with other specialized agencies to ensure a globally consistent and distinctive look and feel.

Scholtysik Design maxon Mobile Smartphone Website Homepage
Scholtysik layout maxon webseite

Puristic Swiss design

The maxon design demonstrates the company’s commitment to highest Swiss quality: radical reduction to the essentials, minimalist typography, restrained color scheme, super clear layouts. Imagery exemplifies the precision and resoluteness that are typical of maxon.

From Sachseln in the Swiss alps to markets and production facilities across the globe

“One Company, One Brand” was both motto and challenge: Diverging identities in the various country organisations and production facilities had to be brought together under the renewed maxon brand. This included all digital and physical touchpoints such as websites, catalogues, print publications, trade shows, events and signage for multiple locations worldwide.

maxon outdoor signage
maxon motor

“Transforming a component manufacturer to a system supplier while expanding globally made it imperative to position the maxon brand with great clarity and distinction. The new brand identity brings it to life.”

Carsten Scholtysik, Partner

maxon bikedrive bicycle frame

Mission Mars

NASA’s spectacular Mars mission with the landing of the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter inspired maxon’s integrated cross-media campaign 2020/21. The campaign draws from current events as well as from the age-old fascination for outer space and highlights the exceptional performance and reliability of the maxon drives that were especially developed for this mission. The point of the story being that research for these extreme missions on Mars will ultimately benefit maxon drives down here on earth.

maxon Mars Mission, picture of Mars Rover
maxon Mars Mission visitor communication
maxon Mars Mission magazine advertisement
maxon Mars Mission Smartphone Screen of Linkedin Feed
maxon Mars Mission Poster with Mars Rover


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Pictures: NASA/JPL-Caltech, maxon, Scholtysik & Partner