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Zürcher Ziegeleien

Simply building

The brick was the very first standardised construction material in history and is the epitome of an intelligent modular system. From the Collosseum in ancient Rome to a contemporary family home in Argovia, you can build just about everything with bricks. And this most admirable building block is made from the humblest of raw materials: a handful of clay from the nearest pit. Once properly fired it will last for centuries. 

This intelligent simplicity was our guiding principle and its inherent beauty was what we wanted to express.

Logo of the Zürcher Ziegeleien, white on red background
ZZ brick shrink film
ZZ business card

«Architects and roofers seek different things from us, but the rebranding caters to both. It combines sensitivity to design needs with great simplicity and power.»

Patrick Alexander, Head Marketing & Communication of Zürcher Ziegeleien

ZZ stationery

Instilling pride in brickmakers, bricklayers and roofers

After having been a small fraction of the global Wienerberger Group, the take-over by Swisspor group felt like coming home for many that knew the company as a long-established Swiss market leader. The eventual return to the original name Zürcher Ziegeleien or ZZ seemed only logical and was greeted enthusiastically by employees and customers alike.

Pile of ZZ brochures
ZZ brochures

1020 degrees Celsius

A logo for bricks and tiles must cope with a lot: mould casting, compression moulding, engobing, shrink-wrapping, fire embossing, large tarpaulin printing, micro pad printing, sun, freeze, lots of dust and of course travelling through the kiln at 1020 °C. In practice, the ZZ logo proved as good as indestructible. And hard to overlook.

ZZ signage brand logo
ZZ safety clothing, vest
ZZ safety vest
ZZ vehicle lettering
ZZ signage
Stacked roof tiles from ZZ

More powerful advertising

Simplifying and concentrating on the most essential does empower marketing communications, too. The brand strategy lead us to core messages that we get across in a very bold and pointed way. Again and again and again. Very emphatically in the launch campaign and subsequent image communications, more subtly and customized in sponsorship communications. And ultimately proving the brand's promises in product communications and customer service.

ZZ magazine advertisement
ZZ website on mobile screen
ZZ brand promise poster

Blazing red

A powerful colour for a bold brand. Throughout the industry, murky tones of reddish brown prevail. ZZ stands out in a fiery blazing red. Because it is the fire that makes the difference, that transforms soft clay into hard, enduring tiles and bricks. In marketing materials and across the whole visual identity the blazing ZZ red creates high visibility and great impact.

ZZ carrier bag

“When competitors lament the new omnipresence of ZZ while ad spend remains the same, we think: mission accomplished.”

Fabian Sander

ZZ protective clothing, safety helmet
ZZ adhesive tape
ZZ folders in a rack
Red ZZ carpenter's pencils on black background

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