Servisa: The unusual rebranding of the Swisscanto pension fund

The Swisscanto collective foundations, one of Switzerland’s largest pension funds, go back to their original name of Servisa under which they were founded 50 years ago. As their lead agency, Scholtysik not only accomanied the naming process but also developed a coherent brand strategy, a new brand design and the launch communication activities.

After operating as “Swisscanto” for 18 years, the Swisscanto Collective Foundation and the Swisscanto Supra Collective Foundation wished to demonstrate their independence more clearly. For this reason, the two collective foundations return to their original names: Servisa Collective Foundation and Servisa Supra Collective Foundation. Exactly 50 years after starting operations in June 1973.

Back to a previous name: an unusual way forward

Returning to an old name is a rather unusual step but a wise one from a strategic branding perspective. The pension fund reaffirms its independence while demonstrating continuity at the same time since the fund’s long-term strategy does not change at all. Scholtysik scrutinized perception, quality and legal feasability of the original brand name and closely collaborated with the IP lawyers of Walder Wyss to define a secure way to reestablish the brand with minimum risk of conflict.

“We are all driven by innovation and transformation and thus tend to look for something completely new. But sometimes it pays off to pause for a moment and see what goods we might have in our portfolio already. In the case of Servisa, this saved half a year of time and a large amount of money.”

Lukas Staudenmann, Partner

Service in the name, collective strength in the logo, and a human touch in illustrations

Together with the Servisa management team, Scholtysik defined the brand identity and developed a brand design that reflects the pension fund’s values and position in its market. The name obviously points out the fund’s dedication to high level personal service. The new brand symbol expresses collective strength and security. Contemporary illustrations add some wit and a human touch to the otherwise very reduced and straight-forward design. With their subtle humour these illustrations help popularize the seemingly abstract and technical pension topics and make them easier to understand for all insured persons. They are created by Till Lauer, the well-known Swiss illustrator, whose work for The New Yorker, The Economist, The Guardian Weekly or Die Zeit finds a growing audience internationally.

Concerted launch communication

Scholtysik coordinated the various communication activities for the launch day on June 19th. Addressed stakeholders included all insured persons, pensioners and companies as well as brokers, business partners, media and of course the staff. Scholtysik developed a communication strategy and supported Servisa in its media work and with coordination of all involved parties.

“We needed an agency with real naming expertise who also understood the Swiss financial industry, were skilled in strategic communication and offered high quality design. Someone recommended Scholtysik, thank goodness!”

Davide Pezzetta, CEO Servisa

Swisscanto is a registered trademark of Swisscanto Holding AG, a subsidiary of Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB