“The grid concerns us all”

In the ongoing discussion of a secure and sustainable energy future for Switzerland the grid is regularly omitted albeit a critical factor for any successful system change. That is why Swissgrid initiates a national conversation about our future grid following the motto “The grid concerns us all”. Swissgrid entrusts its newly appointed communication partner Scholtysik with the creation, planning and implementation of this initiative.

Recently, the Swiss people became painfully aware of how much the country relies on a secure provision of electricity. However, most do not realize that reforming of our energy system not only affects production and consumption but also our grid. Swissgrid's grid dialogue aims to change this lopsided perception and inform people about the changing demands on our grid in a more decentralized and volatile energy system. Right from the start, several Swiss media took up the topic.

#ourgrid – ideas and thoughts on our future grid 

Various representatives from politics, science, and business share their thoughts on the state of our grid and the impact of a changing energy system. They do this with brief video statements catering to a broad public audience. The online content-hub swissgrid.ch/futuregrid provides access to everything you might want to know about demands on and needs for a renewed national grid. A core element is a short film that explains the way our grid works in a way that everyone can understand.

The initiative #ourgrid (#UnserNetz) will continue for several years. Apart from online activities many physical events are planned in all regions of Switzerland. Various organisations and companies across the energy sector support this initiative that runs parallel to the recently started long-term grid planning.

Scholtysik won pitch

Scholtysik won Swissgrid’s tender for all communications regarding the remodelling and expansion of the national high-voltage grid. In cooperation with our partner agency Kommunikationsplan, Scholtysik serves the entire range of corporate communications: strategy, conception, editing and copywriting, UX and UI design, graphic design, motion design, video production and scenography.