ZZ becomes visible across the nation

Wall of stacked ZZ brick pallets

Roll-out successful, market share growing

One and a half years after returning to its original name of Zürcher Ziegeleien (Zurich Brickyards) it is a good moment to assess what we achieved so far. And we find good reasons to feel delighted.

Staged brand roll-out proved highly efficient.
The new brand was implemented in carefully planned stages and thus reducing strain on both human and financial resources while prioritising high-impact measures and minimizing waste.

The ZZ brand increases visibility and is very well received. 
Acceptance by the more traditional roofers and construction companies is equally high as by progressive, innovation-thirsty architects. Even some competitors offer their respect and sometimes seem to show signs of regret.

ZZ grows market share, sales volume and return.
Sales staffers notice a strong tailwind and see high and growing demand in all market segments. ZZ is growing faster than the industry and considerably increased market share since rebranding. Of course, success has many fathers but the brand was at least a relevant factor.

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