ZZ – Rebranding in the Swiss building material industry

ZZ Logo

Under the new ownership of swisspor the national market leader of brickworks resumes its original name: Zürcher Ziegeleien. Or just ZZ. We supported the name change and repositioning as an independent member of the swisspor family, developed the brand design and helped to relaunch the new yet familiar brand.

Ready for growth

Builders and architects alike are increasingly looking for naturalness as the growing health and environmental awareness raise demands for better indoor climate and a smaller ecological footprint. Hence clay as a building material is getting a lot more attention. Michael Fritsche, CEO of Zürcher Ziegeleien, explains: “Brick can breathe and makes you feel more comfortable in a room. At the same time, our bricks and tiles are locally produced from pure natural clay, completely free of harmful substances and excellent at storing heat. We see quite some growth potential here and Scholtysik is helping us to tap it.”

Naturally sophisticated product

Radically simple design

On one hand ZZ aims at architects with their eternal desire for ambitious and innovative design. And on the other at constructors and tilers who appreciate high performance and reliability more than anything else. Mission accomplished according to Patrick Alexander, Head of Marketing and Communications at ZZ: “With our new design we are finally hitting the sweet spot where both target audiences feel equally at home. Immediate feedback was very good indeed: Constructors liked the strength as well as continuing the traditional name and abbreviation. Architects recognized the Swiss minimalism and the unapologetic boldness.”

Bold and powerful
Clear and uncluttered
Light and white

Future potential within the swisspor group

Today, ZZ is well known for its system warranty and wide product range covering roof, wall and façade including photovoltaics and insulation. But according to swisspor group’s CEO Harry Bosshardt future collaboration within the group will make the advantage even stronger: “The building envelope is currently evolving from a mere heat storage to a small power plant. Thus, the involved systems are becoming ever more complex and demanding. At swisspor group, we started to look at the building’s outer shell in a more holistic way. And we strive to perfectly combine and interlock all components to create even more efficient shell systems. The new ZZ brand identity represents this approach very well.”