White pillow, image concept for client systems

Client Systems

Reduce. Reduce more.
Then take the essentials.

Client Systems is a Swiss IT service provider specialized in the hotel and tourism industry as well as small and medium-sized enterprises with a unique 24/7 service. The experienced team is known for their highly efficient and thorough operation and their down-to-earth and relatable attitude. With a new brand identity we add visual clarity and a straight-forward tone of voice. Looking around the IT industry blunted by dull and unambitios design Client Systerms clearly stand out by a mile.

Unfettered expertise

The way users are addressed is rhetorically as well as visually direct and accessible. The focus is on rapid orientation. The reduced web design relies on very concise and simple communication: a clear structure and layout that is determined by the use of text and white space. Text is interspersed with naturalistic everyday objects that add a three-dimensional aspect to the flat surface. When interacting with text, they sometimes open up unexpected perspectives. The characteristic micro-animations make the interaction brand-typical in a subtle way.

Client Systems mobile website on smartphone
Client Systems team website on tablet
Client Systems website news

Refined simplicity

The reduced design language is also reflected in Client System's stationery: simple, generous and at the same time sophisticated. The deep, dark green type matches the logo and adds to the characteristic look and feel.

Design and layout stationery Client Systems
Client Systems Flyer and invoice template

No frills

The selection of design elements used is deliberately kept small. The typeface, the color concept and the hyper-realistic illustrations contribute to a visual identity of great presence.

Brand poster for the corporate design of Client Systems


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