Clima Now

Impact investor and activist combined

Clima Now is a non-profit foundation that mobilizes dormant capital to finance climate solutions and provide them with a platform to address a wider community. Naming, positioning and brand design bring this special mix to life by portraying Clima Now as an active and open movement that creates greater impact through disciplined strategic investing.

Clima Now website on mobile screens
Clima Now website on tablet

Spririted and disciplined at the same time

The brand design of Clima Now combines the rigour and boldness of black-and-white layouts with an unusual colour palette of bright and light tones as well as illustrations in a characteristic and narrative style. The latter convey the abstract issues of climate change in a very fast and direct way that is easy to grasp for everyone. The fine and delicate line art with its bold monochromatic colouring is soon recognized as typical for Clima Now.

Clima Now flyers
Clima Now poster wall

Making a statement

Typography helps to fulfill the seemingly contradictory tasks of informing factually and communicating powerfully. The very contemporary Atak font sets the right tone for both the investor target groups and the community at large. Using just two type weights makes it easier for the organization and improves website performance at the same time.

Component-based UI design

The GUI was designed in a user-centered and component-based way. The whole design concept is built on the idea of change. The combination of rounded and sharp corners across all layouts and especially the transition from one into the other signal transformation. This becomes most evident in the website's micro animations: action induces change.

In addition to catering to top user experience and accessibility the UI components meet also special demands of Clima Now such as a variety of teaser elements or high-impact call-outs.

Clima Now UI design elements


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