High Voltage

The Swiss high voltage grid is part of the country’s critical infrastructure. Fault tolerance is close to zero. However, Europe’s energy system is changing massively and the demand for electricity continues to increase. In this situation, Swissgrid, the owner and operator of the national extra-high-voltage grid, conceived its new strategy to lay the foundation for the future electricity supply in Switzerland. This increased the demand for communication and public relation activities.

Swissgrid prepared for these growing demands with a revised brand positioning. Scholtysik supported Swissgrid in sharpening the brand identity, implementing the brand strategy within the company and redesigning the corporate visual identity.

Active dialogue and variable design

Clear, adaptable and quick to the point. This is how Swissgrid communicates and that’s the way their identity should feel like. Therefore we developed a highly variable system of a few powerful elements: a constantly changing, yet always self-similar composition of the familiar logo, powerful typography and the striking “Powerbar”, an adaptive and – wherever possible – animated color stripe.

Swissgrid editorial design system

Clear language, adherence to facts and the willingness to engage in dialogue

Clear communication enables a fact-based dialogue with professionals, politicians and the public. The form follows the content. Clear layouts, straight lines, high contrasts. The brand typeface – Trade Gothic Next – signals direct, pragmatic communication without further ado. The illustration style and icons also convey this attitude in an understandable and precise design.

Swissgrid, selection of print media
Swissgrid, layout of cover and inside pages in the magazine
Swissgrid Leporello
Swissgrid, design of the safety brochure

How to address different user groups individually

Swissgrid uses all channels to fulfill its information task and does not abandon printed or spatial communication. However, the increasingly central role is played by the website. We therefore redesigned it completely. Extensive information can be composed entirely modular into rich and individually visualized content. The different users are addressed specifically. The most important user groups are highly specialized professionals on the one hand and interested non-professionals on the other.

For the latter, major thematic dossiers promote an understanding of Swissgrid’s complex field of activity. The former group can access technical information directly via search or navigation. A novelty is the interactive map function based on GEO data. It offers a realistic representation of transmission lines and network projects.

Swissgrid website on mobile screen

The website addresses individual needs for information – differentiated and specific.

Implementing strategy and brand identity

We supported the internal implementation intensely and over a long time. A broad set of measures embedded strategy and positioning within employees’ minds. Every single day, Swissgrid’s actions determine to a great extent how Swissgrid is perceived by the public and by partners.

Swissgrid foulard
Swissgrid paper bag

Attention to detail. Internally as well as externally.

Swissgrid stationery

A visitor centre to stimulate public dialogue

Whether to lay overhead lines or underground cables is often a heated discussion. That is why Swissgrid built a visitor centre at the site of the nation’s first underground cable with 380 000 volt. The exhibition explains both technical challenges and political processes to politicians, civil servants, NGOs, residents and the public at large. Visitors can directly post questions or opinions that are going to be published and reviewed.

Swissgrid visitor centre

“Who decides where and how to build a transmission line?”

Swissgrid visitor centre

How to make complex things vivid

Electricity is invisible and remains puzzling to many people. We counter this with super clear and understandable visualizations. In doing so, Swissgrid neither falls into naïve-childlike nor elitist-abstract modes of illustration, but always maintains empathetic professionalism.

Composition of white Swissgrid icons on a red background
Illustration of the magnetic field during vacuum cleaning, Swissgrid
Illustration of magnetic fields on overhead line pylons, Swissgrid
Swissgrid illustration of the grid map

Dynamic, lifelike pictures

The structures required to overcome the transmission network and their topographical conditions are impressive. This is expressed in imposing pictures by the well-known Swiss photographer Tom Haller. They enrich Swissgrid’s communication and illustrate their challenging mission.

Swissgrid image concept
Swissgrid image concept
Swissgrid image concept

The architecture emphasizes the self-image

A functional design language with a strong charisma reflects the attitude of the Swissgrid brand. The move into their striking new headquarters underscores the ambitions of their brand management and releases internal energies. There, the important role of Swissgrid in our country becomes visible.

Exterior view of Swissgrid headquarters in Aarau
Green inner courtyard of the Swissgrid headquarters in Aarau with tables and chairs

Adequate motion design

Cinematic techniques and computer animation consistently continue the linguistic and visual appearance. Swissgrid uses their movement to convey abstract, complex or invisible processes and contexts in a memorable way.


Our work for the redesign of Swissgrid has been awarded a DDC(German Designer Club) Bronze Award in the “Identity” category.


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Pictures: Scholtysik, Tom Haller, Uwe Spoering