Edition VFO artwork Ellipse
© Christian Herdeg

Edition VFO

Contemporary art at affordable prices

Edition VFO is a very special institution in the Swiss art scene and market. For over 70 years the VFO (Verein für Originalgrafik / society for graphic arts) edits graphic works of contemporary artists. The society publishes some 50 editions every year presenting works of unknown newcomers no less than works of well-known artists such as Stephan Balkenhol, Christian Herdeg, Pipilotti Rist, Roman Signer, Annelies Strba, Not Vital, Cécile Wick, Uwe Wittwer.

Edition VFO promotes the traditional  techniques such as lithography, copperplate engraving, silk screen printing, and woodblock printing as well as more recent techniques like inkjet printing, photopolymer printing, video or multiples. In addition, Edition VFO encourages young artists to experiment with rare and near-forgotten techniques such as mezzotint or photogravure.

Edition VFO logo Verein für Originalgraphik

Art first, design second

Edition VFO hired Scholtysik for a very gentle redesign. For once, the brand design took a back seat, abstaining from colour or eye-catching typography altogether.

The website is the edition’s first and most comprehensive means of communication. The goal was a fast, intuitive and joyful access to the artworks. Whether expert professionals or interested laymen, all visitors should immediately experience the variety and multitude of artistic ideas as well as means of expression through graphic techniques.

Edition VFO design website
Edition VFO mobile website on smartphone screens

Buying works of art in the gallery or online

In the near future, art buyers will be able to purchase works of the Edition VFO online. The website is planned as a shop right from the beginning and the site is built on an e-commerce platform. Edition VFO can start selling art online whenever the Swiss art market is ready. However, the true expression of an artwork is never fully captured online. For all the subtle nuances and haptic qualities the VFO gallery will remain the ideal way to experience fine graphic works.

Interior of the gallery Edition VFO with poster stand
Interior of the gallery Edition VFO
Interior of the art gallery Edition VFO


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