08. November 2022

NPOs need effective branding and user-friendly design too

A good idea and a plucky team are not enough. Non-profit organisations compete for their audiences’ attention and trust like any commercial enterprise. Sponsors, communities and potential collaborators will be attracted or repelled by the perceived credibility and effectiveness of an organisation. At first contact, professional branding and design make a huge difference. 


Our client Clima Now is a good example. Clima Now is a non-profit foundation that mobilizes dormant capital, finances climate solutions and provide them with a platform.

Naming, positioning and design of the brand reflect the rare combination of an optimistic activist and a disciplined, strategic investor. The website is the foundation’s most important touchpoint and provides a state-of-the-art user experience: involving, intuitive and with a unique character.

More detail on how we developed the brand:
Clima Now – Impact investor and activist combined

Official website of Clima Now.