01. December 2018

DDC Award in silver for Bank Cler

DDC Award 2019 Silber für Scholtysik & Partner und Bank Cler

DDC silver goes to Scholtysik & Partner! The German Designer Club honors the rebranding of Bank Cler as the second best branding project in German-speaking countries among the approximately 20 «Identity» award winners.

As the only Swiss representative, our designers returned from the DDC Award Night in Frankfurt with full hands. The rebranding of Bank Coop to Bank Cler won the Silver Trophy in the category «Identity». The jury acknowledged the consistently differentiated approach: «Bank Cler takes on the challenger role. (…) Design breaks with industry conventions, is fresher, easier and more digital. Accessibility is a given matter of course.»

After winning the Corporate Design Award 2018, the German Brand Award 2018 as well as the International Sound Award (ISA) 2018, the fourth major German branding award goes to Switzerland’s youngest bank (and its agency). We are pleased and congratulate our client for their courage and their uncompromising attitude. Because many projects start with bold ideas, but only a few bring them to the finish.

Learn about the Bank Cler’s new identity here. More about Switzerland’s most modern mobile banking, namely Bank Cler Zak, can be found here.