Global Rebrand Award for Bank Cler

100 Rebrand Award Bank Cler

2020 REBRAND 100 with Distinction for the rebranding of Bank Cler

Every two years, the Global Rebrand 100 is awarded to the top hundred rebrandings worldwide. The rebranding of Bank Coop to Bank Cler was even ranked among the top 40 rebrandings by the international jury: “2020 Rebrand 100 Award with Distinction”.

‘Before’ and ‘After’ in the Rebrand showcase

The jury consists of leading industry professionals in the areas of business, strategy, design and education bringing together different perspectives from the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, India, Korea and Singapore.

Previous to the Rebrand 100 Award, the Bank Cler rebranding had already been awarded five times: It won the International Sound Award (ISA), the IF Design Award, the DDC Silver Award, the Corporate Design Award und the German Brand Award.